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Economics [Competency Based] (2nd semester)

Economics [Competency Based] (2nd semester)

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Course Description

Economics is a comprehensive survey of the ways in which human decisions impact the world every day. Microeconomic concepts including supply and demand, business transactions, the fundamentals of work, and others offer students a glimpse into the effect of personal economic decisions upon the world. Macroeconomic concepts such as the fiscal policy of governments, trade, natural resource use, and other big picture topics offer a more broad view of the world’s economic systems. In its entirety, this course illuminates the ways in which people from around the world are connected to one another and their natural surroundings every day.

Course Breakdown

  • Money
  • Monetary policy
  • Business cycle
  • Economic indicators
  • The Federal Reserve System
  • Investment
  • Taxes Financial institutions
  • The stock market
  • Inflation, employment, and price indexes
  • Government budgets
  • Global and regional trade
  • Economic reform

Course Goals

  1. Analyze how money, in its various forms and uses, impacts the economy.
  2. Explain how fiscal and monetary policies are used to determine economic goals and impact the economy.
  3. Analyze the roles income distribution, production, and taxes play in the economy.
  4. Explain how banking systems evolved over time and led to the creation of the Federal Reserve System.
  5. Analyze the role of the Federal Reserve System in impacting the economy through monetary policy and other economic tools.
  6. Analyze the global economic development of nations and the various roles of the US economy around the world.
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