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Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification Course

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification Course

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Course Description

This course prepares students for the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification exam. This certification has been designed to test concepts around starting and managing a small business. These topics include entrepreneurship, evaluation of opportunities, preparation to start a business, operation of a business, marketing, and management of finances. Students gain insights and understand real-world applications that will not only allow them to succeed in passing the certification exam, but also in successfully starting, working in, or running a small business. \n

Course Breakdown

  • The Entrepreneur
  • Opportunity Recognition
  • Starting a Business, Part I
  • Starting a Business, Part II
  • Business Operations, Part I
  • Business Operations, Part II
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Financial Management, Part I
  • Financial Management, Part II

Course Goals

EdisonLearning eCourses® are structured in a consistent, research-based format utilizing multiple pedagogical concepts such as Understanding by Design, Growth Mindset, and Video and Project-based learning. Through the use of these pedagogical concepts, our career preparatory elective courses maintain a consistent and engaging course structure that supports student-centered learning.

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