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Physical Science [Competency Based] (1st semester)

Physical Science [Competency Based] (1st semester)

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Course Description\nPhysical Science is an interactive and engaging course that covers the sciences of chemistry and physics. The course begins with a unit on the nature of science and a review of measurement and its importance. The course proceeds with the study of chemical principles, exposing students to topics such as the properties of matter, the structure of the atom, the formation of bonds, and the properties of solutions. The course then moves to the science of physics, describing the topics of motion, force, work, and energy. Students apply their knowledge of these topics through problems, explanations, graphs, and virtual lab activities.\n\nCourse Breakdown\n\n The scientific method\n SI units of measure\n Elements\n Mixtures\n Matter\n Pressure\n Atomic mass\n Bohr models\n Electrons\n Periodic table\n Atoms Ionization\n Covalent bonds\n Polarity\n Chemical equations and reactions\n Oxidation-reduction reactions\n Physical and chemical equilibrium\n Dissolution, solubility, and solution concentration\n Proton donation and acceptance\n Acids and bases\n Fossil fuels\n Carbon\n Photosynthesis and cellular respiration\n Monomers and polymers\n Nuclear decay, nuclear radiation, and nuclear fission\n\nCourse Goals\n Analyze the scientific method.\n Describe how bias and objectivity can influence the scientific community.\n Apply the use of scales, graphs, tables, and data when performing research.\n Describe the importance of temperature, phase change, and the various types of pressure.\n Learn about the atomic theory and atomic mass. Describe the effects of ionic bonds and ionization.\n Demonstrate how to balance chemical equations.\n Analyze chemical and oxidation-reduction reactions.\n Learn about reaction rates and the factors that affect reaction rates.\n Demonstrate an understanding of the similarities and differences between acids and bases.

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