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Physical Science (MS) (2nd semester)

Physical Science (MS) (2nd semester)

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Course Description\nPhysical Science (MS) is an interactive and engaging course that introduces students to the sciences of chemistry and physics. The course begins with a unit on the nature of science and a review of measurement. Students will explore the principles of experimental design. Students apply these skills to the science of physics by describing the concepts of motion, force, work, and energy. Students apply their knowledge of these topics through problems, explanations, graphs, and virtual lab activities. The course proceeds with the study of chemical principles, exposing students to topics such as the properties of matter, the structure of the atom, the formation of bonds, and the properties of solutions. They will examine how humans apply these processes in using resources and the pollution that often results.\n\nCourse Breakdown\n\n Matter\n Temperature\n Solids, liquids, and gases\n Density\n Water\n Evaporation\n Deposition\n Phase changes\n Elements\n The periodic table\n Compounds\n Alloys\nSolutions and solubility\nSuspensions\nAtoms\nAtomic numbers\nElectron shells\nBonds\nMass and weight\nReactions in the human body\nExothermic vs. endothermic reactions\nActivation energy\nCatalysts\nEnzymes\nOxidation and reduction reactions\nAcids and bases\nThe carbon cycle\nRecycling\n\nCourse Goals\n Describe the phases of matter.\n Analyze the importance of water.\n Describe phase changes.\n Recognize the elements and sections of the periodic table. Describe the components of the atom.\n Analyze chemical bonds.\n Differentiate between endothermic and exothermic reactions.\n Explain the importance of enzymes, catalysts, and activation energy.\n Describe the importance of recycling.

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