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Pre-Algebra [Credit Recovery]

Pre-Algebra [Credit Recovery]

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Course Description\nPre-Algebra helps students make a successful transition from arithmetic to algebra by focusing on basic concepts of arithmetic and the applications of mathematics. Students learn how to perform operations with integers, fractions, and decimals. Students expand this knowledge to create expressions and to solve basic linear equations and inequalities. Students use their knowledge of fractions to work with ratios, rates, and proportions. Next, students explore how to display visual representations of numbers with bar graphs, histograms, and circle graphs. They take this skill and apply it to algebra as they plot points and basic equations on the coordinate plane. Next, students complete an exploration of measures of central tendency, data displays, and simple probabilities. The course ends with a study of essential topics for future mathematics courses, including unit conversion, angle classification, area, and volumes of geometric figures. The course highlights the math skills needed to be successful in everyday life and prepares students for future mathematics courses.\n\nCourse Breakdown\n\n Operations with integers\n Factors and exponents\n Decimals, fractions, and scientific notation\n Expressing and solving linear equations Ratios and proportions\n Data displays\n Graphing linear equations on the coordinate plane\n Graphing linear inequalities\n Scatter plots\n Measures of central tendency\n Probability\n\nCourse Goals\n Perform basic mathematical operations on real numbers.\n Convert and compare decimals to fractions.\n Represent numbers using scientific notation.\n Write and solve linear equations. Use ratios to compare two quantities and solve for unknown values.\n Solve for proportional and inversely proportional relationships.\n Represent data using pictographs, bar graphs, scatter plots, and histograms.\n Graph linear equations and inequalities.\n Describe the correlation between two variables.

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