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Social Studies 8th Grade (2nd semester)

Social Studies 8th Grade (2nd semester)

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Course Description\nStudents focus on the history of North America and, in particular, the history of the United States. Before Europeans knew that North America existed, indigenous civilizations thrived throughout the continent. Students learn how colonial life led to early attempts at self-government and how European influence continues to this day. As they witness the expansion of US borders, students discover how the desire for land and resources led to the removal of native populations, wars with neighbors, and annexations. Students see the impact of civil war and witness the struggle of slavery and America’s emergence as an industrial powerhouse. In their study of the twentieth century, students trace the reasons for and outcomes of the civil rights movement and consider the role of the United States as a world power.\n\nCourse Breakdown\n\n Westward expansion\n Texas Revolution\n Mexican-American War\n Indian removal and Andrew Jackson\n Slavery\n Dred Scott\n Gold Rush\n Indian Wars\n Abolition movement\n Abraham Lincoln and Southern secession Civil War and Reconstruction\n Jim Crow laws\n Separate but equal doctrine\n Indian reservations\n Spanish-American War\n World War I\n World War II\n Great Depression\n Civil rights movement\n Cold War\n\n\nCourse Goals\n Recognize the growing division between the Northern and Southern states regarding slavery, the establishment of the Monroe Doctrine, and the events of Andrew Jackson's presidency.\n Examine westward expansion, the acquisition of Texas, and the events of the Mexican-American War.\n Consider the motivations to move west, Southern secession, and the establishment of the Confederate States of America. Analyze the events leading up to, during, and after the American Civil War.\n Examine the persecution of African Americans and Native Americans and the events that lead to the Spanish-American War.\n Consider role of the United States in several global conflicts, including World Wars I and II.\n Recognize the events of the civil rights movement, Cuban Missile Crisis, and Red Scare.

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