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Sociology [Competency Based]

Sociology [Competency Based]

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Course Description\nSociology explores the development, dynamics, and structure of societies and society’s connections to human behavior. The field also examines the ways in which groups, organizations, communities, social categories (such as class, sex, age, or race), and various social institutions (such as kinship, economic, political, or religious) affect human attitudes, actions, and opportunities. In this course, students learn about the concepts and tools used to understand individuality, social structure, inequality, family structure, education, economics, politics, and social change.\n\nCourse Breakdown\n\n The science behind sociology\n Personality, diversity, gender, and culture\n Social norms, deviance, and sanctions\n Life stages and aging\n Societal growth, organization, and social class\n Socialization in groups\n Social movements Marriage and the family\n The function of education\n Important theorists and theories\n Race, ethnicity, and equality\n Social organization, political systems, and economic growth\n\nCourse Goals\n Explain the development of sociology and how it affects the development of a person's life.\n Identify how patterns of knowledge and thought are influenced by social, political, and economic structures.\n Explain how race, class, gender, and age can impact development in American society. Course Goals\nExplain how culture and social structures can affect families and education.\nCompare the different economic and political systems of the world and assess their impact on society.\nCompare the different theories and rates of social change.

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