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EdisonLearnNow® is trusted by parents to provide an engaging at-home learning experience. We understand that each student’s learning style is unique, which is why our online course curriculum for grades 6-12 is designed to meet students where they are and propel them forward.

Our self-paced eCourses give students the ability to catch up on necessary skills, get a head start before a major transition, or seek enrichment that meets their interests.

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EdisonLearnNow® provides access to core and elective course offerings, as well as content that promotes social-emotional learning, career prep, and technical education. Parents can work together with their learner to create a full-time course load or select a course or two individually. Learn more about our eCourses and find a program that works for you and your child.

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EdisonLearnNow® eCourses empower you to personalize a learning plan for your child’s unique needs and interests.

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