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Application of Genetics [Competency Based]

Application of Genetics [Competency Based]

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Course Description

Applications of Genetics introduces the students to the field of genetics, where they learn about the theories of Mendel, Darwin, and Wallace. They will learn how traits are passed down from one generation to another. They will explore concepts of adaptation, genotype, and phenotype; and basic concepts related to cells, DNA, and RNA. Students see how the basic concepts are applied in various techniques, including metagenomics, genetically modified organisms, DNA technologies, genetic testing, and other clinical and nonclinical applications of genetics. Students will also examine how the genetic code present in all cells can be used to treat conditions. They will study the ongoing research into the usage of stem cells.

Course Breakdown

  • Darwin and the concept of adaptation 
  • Types of cells and cell reproduction
  • Formation of proteins
  • Regulation of genes
  • Mutations
  • Tools used to study genetics
  • Patterns of inheritance
  • Biotechnology research
  • Careers in biotechnology
  • DNA sequencing
  • Mutagenesis and metagenomics
  • Genetic modification
  • DNA fingerprinting
  • Human Genome project
  • Genetic therapy
  • Nature of stem cells
  • Stem cell controversies
  • Types of stem cells
  • Goals of stem cell research
  • Stem cell treatments

Course Goals

  1. Compare the structure and reproduction of prokaryotes and eukaryotes.
  2. Discuss the process of formation of proteins from the genetic code.
  3. Explore various tools and techniques that geneticists use.
  4. Discuss the basic concepts involved in biotechnology.
  5. Examine real-world applications of genetics
  6. Describe the processes used to create genetically-modified organisms.
  7. Summarize the uses of genetic analysis and therapy.
  8. Compare and contrast the different types of stem cells.
  9. Investigate potential therapies using stem cells.
  10. Interpret the controversies that have arisen in the use of stem cells.
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