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Chemistry [Honors] (1st semester)

Chemistry [Honors] (1st semester)

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Course Description

In the simplest terms, chemistry is the study of matter. Nearly everything in the world is matter. Anything that can be touched, seen, heard, or smelled is matter. Even things that cannot be seen, such as atoms, are matter. In the Chemistry course, students will study the basic structure of matter and the ways different types of matter interact. They will explore how single atoms come together to make large complex molecules and mixtures. Anything that isn’t matter is energy. Students will examine the ways matter interacts with energy. Students in the honors course will learn basic chemistry concepts, then explore them in greater detail. In addition, students will have the opportunity to examine cutting-edge research and learn about the latest advancements in chemistry.

Course Breakdown

  • Description of chemistry
  • History of chemistry
  • Measurements in chemistry
  • Classification of matter
  • The periodic table
  • Understanding elements
  • Atoms and ions
  • Models of the atom
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Electron structure
  • Covalent bonding
  • Ionic bonding
  • Nomenclature
  • Formula writing
  • Molecular shapes
  • Chemical reactions and equations
  • Stoichiometry

Course Goals

  1. Develop proper scientific methodology techniques and apply them in scientific investigations.
  2. Explain the connections between matter and energy.
  3. Describe the basic structure and properties of matter.
  4. Describe the structure of matter down to the atomic level.
  5. Relate the atomic structure of an element to its properties.
  6. Apply the principles of quantum mechanics to the arrangement of electrons around the nucleus of the atom.
  7. Explain how atoms interact and combine to form compounds.
  8. Apply the rules for naming compounds and write the formulas for those compounds.
  9. Apply the law of conservation of mass in chemical reactions and in the analysis of the quantities involved in these reactions.
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