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Health and Wellness [Competency Based] (1st semester)

Health and Wellness [Competency Based] (1st semester)

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Course Description\nImagine the healthiest people you know. What are their secrets? While some health traits are genetically determined, the truth is everyone has the ability to make positive changes to better our physical health. In Health and Wellness, you will explore different lifestyle choices that can influence your overall health, from positively interacting with others to choosing quality health care and making sensible dietary choices. Wellness involves being healthy in body and mind. You will learn how to make positive choices that reduce stress and improve your mental and emotional health. You will also examine the choices and influences that can negative impact your overall wellness. You will have the opportunity to build your own plan for improvement and learn how to create the type of environment that will ensure your overall health, happiness, and well-being.\n\nCourse Breakdown\n\n Aspects of wellness\n Making good health choices\n Behavioral modifications\n Developing good relationships\n Peer influences\n Violence and abuse\n Public health\n Making health-care decisions\n Body image Nutritional components\n Nutritional guidelines\n Factors impacting nutrition\n Body composition\n Exercise and body systems\n Joint structure\n Sports injuries\n Infectious diseases\n Epidemics\n Cardiovascular system\n Cardiovascular conditions\n\nCourse Goals\n Compare the different aspects of health and wellness and how they contribute to a person's well-being.\n Apply decision-making skills to decisions about health, safety, and resisting peer pressure.\n Summarize the effects of violence and abuse on overall health of an individual.\n Describe products, services, and policies that help a person maintain a healthy lifestyle. Summarize the components and national standards of a healthy diet.\n Relate proper nutrition to maintaining a healthy body composition.\n Compare the major joints of the body and the injuries that can affect them.\n Describe transmission and treatment of infectious diseases in society.\n Investigate the structure and function of the cardiovascular system and the conditions that affect its proper functioning.

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