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Life Science (MS) (2nd semester)

Life Science (MS) (2nd semester)

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Course Description\nLife Science (MS) introduces students to the subject of biology and the structures and functions of living things. The course begins with instruction in the scientific method and the tools used to study tiny living things. The cell is the basic building block of life, so students will examine unicellular organisms and how the structures of the cell carry out the functions of life, including photosynthesis and respiration. The cells combine into tissues, organs, and systems. Students will discover the systems of the human body. The course then moves into a discussion of the basics of genetics. Finally, students learn about the various forms of life on Earth and how they interact in ecosystems.\n\nCourse Breakdown\n\n Fertilization\n The nucleus\n DNA\n Chromosomes\n Genetics\n Inheritance\n Evolution\n Natural selection\n The rise of hominids\n Biological classification Domain\n Kingdom\n Viruses\n The plant kingdom\n The nitrogen cycle\n Protists\n Fungi\n The animal kingdom\n Invertebrates\n Mammals\n Consumers and decomposers\n Food chains\n Symbiosis\n Natural selection\n Endangered species\n\nCourse Goals\n Describe the similarities and differences between dominant and recessive traits.\n Analyze common inheritance patterns.\n Learn about different genetic diseases.\n Describe what is meant by the survival of the fittest. Describe the various types of plants that exist.\n Analyze the characteristics of the animal kingdom.\n Learn about the key characteristics that define mammals.\n Explain why certain species are going extinct.

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