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Life Skills [Competency Based]

Life Skills [Competency Based]

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Course Description\nLife Skills is a comprehensive development course for high school students making the transition to life after high school. The course shows students the steps for choosing a career, conducting a job search, selecting the right college, applying to college, and getting financial aid. This course prepares young adults for a successful life after high school, from maintaining a healthy body and a safe home to finding and keeping a job. At the end of this course, students have a knowledge of and appreciation for these important life skills.\n\nCourse Breakdown\n\n First aid and health care\n Vehicular and pedestrian safety\n Caring for an apartment or home\n Setting up utilities and insurance coverage\n Banking and credit cards\n Savings and retirement\n Positive personal relationships and courteous behavior\n Learning styles, problem-solving skills, and time management\n Voting and community involvement\n Marriage and parental responsibilities Preparing for post-secondary education\n The job search: résumés, cover letters, and interviews\n Traits of successful employees\n Rights and practices of a responsible employee\n Healthy diet and exercise patterns\n Importance of sleep and stress management\n Self-esteem, emotional health, and self-advocacy\n\nCourse Goals\n Explain how to diagnose common illnesses, identify the use of over-the-counter medications, and describe the risks associated with illegal and designer drugs.\n Identify safety features available in many types of vehicles and mass transportation.\n Investigate resources related to renting an apartment and setting up utilities.\n Explain how to manage personal finances, monitor credit reports, and file federal and state income taxes.\n Identify ways to nurture and develop valuable personal relationships, practice methods for conflict resolution, and become involved in your community. Explain how to prepare a college application and obtain skills needed for college or a career.\n Identify your skills and abilities and feature them in a résumé or cover letter.\n Identify education and training opportunities.\n Evaluate the most important traits of a responsible employee and learn where to find answers to questions in a new place of employment.\n Identify the components of nutrition, mental health, and wellness, and develop conflict-resolution skills.

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