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Smart Cities: Technology and Applications

Smart Cities: Technology and Applications

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Course Description

This course will provide students with an overview of smart cities. The course will begin by providing a foundational explanation of what constitutes a smart city and why they are beginning to pop up around the globe. With a firm understanding of what a smart city is, the majority of the course will focus on various aspects of them such as energy, transportation, data, infrastructure, mobility, and Internet of Things devices. The course will conclude with an analysis of careers related to smart cities. 

Course Breakdown

  • Introduction to Smart Cities
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Data
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Objects
  • Smart Government

Course Goals

EdisonLearning eCourses® are structured in a consistent, research-based format utilizing multiple pedagogical concepts such as Understanding by Design, Growth Mindset, and Video and Project-based learning. Through the use of these pedagogical concepts, our career preparatory elective courses maintain a consistent and engaging course structure that supports student-centered learning.

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