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Social Studies 8th Grade (1st semester)

Social Studies 8th Grade (1st semester)

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Course Description\nStudents focus on the history of North America and, in particular, the history of the United States. Before Europeans knew that North America existed, indigenous civilizations thrived throughout the continent. Students learn how colonial life led to early attempts at self-government and how European influence continues to this day. As they witness the expansion of US borders, students discover how the desire for land and resources led to the removal of native populations, wars with neighbors, and annexations. Students see the impact of civil war and witness the struggle of slavery and America’s emergence as an industrial powerhouse. In their study of the twentieth century, students trace the reasons for and outcomes of the civil rights movement and consider the role of the United States as a world power.\n\nCourse Breakdown\n\n Exploration of the Americas\n Pilgrims\n Cash crops\n Colonization\n Indentured servants and slavery\n The Declaration of Independence Revolutionary War\n Articles of Confederation\n Constitutional Convention\n Federalism\n Branches of government\n Lewis and Clark\n Regional economies\n\nCourse Goals\n Identify the peoples of North America, explore migration, and describe the settlement of early colonies.\n Examine the culture and economy of the Southern Colonies, focusing specifically on trade.\n Evaluate the relationship between slavery, imperialism, and the events of the French and Indian War.\n Determine the events that led to the American Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence. Assess the events of the Revolutionary War, leading to the Treaty of Paris and the establishment of the Articles of Confederation.\n Analyze the role of federalism in establishing the US Constitution, focusing on the branches of government and the rights of states.\n Recognize the three branches of government, their roles, and the events leading up to the War of 1812.

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