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Transportation Technologies

Transportation Technologies

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Course Description

This course introduces students to the newest and most cutting-edge futuristic transportation technologies out there. Students gain familiarity with the history of transportation development and understand a framework with which to evaluate new transportation modes. Then the course dives into 10 different technologies on the horizon. Students examine the technologies, the pros, and the cons of each model, and explore potential career paths in these emerging fields. 

Course Breakdown

  • Introduction to the Future of Transportation
  • Flying Cars
  • Driverless Car Technology
  • Driverless Cars in Society
  • Drones
  • Hyperloop
  • Jetpacks
  • Supersonic Jets
  • Personal Rapid Transit
  • Supercavitation
  • Space Travel
  • Interstellar Travel

Course Goals

EdisonLearning eCourses® are structured in a consistent, research-based format utilizing multiple pedagogical concepts such as Understanding by Design, Growth Mindset, and Video and Project-based learning. Through the use of these pedagogical concepts, our career preparatory elective courses maintain a consistent and engaging course structure that supports student-centered learning.

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